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A place to learn, share, prepare, and find inspiration for more outdoor adventures!

Fifteen minutes...or fifteen days!

We know from experience that spending even a short time outdoors - whether it is in your back yard or the back country, is an amazing way to recharge.

We also understand how difficult it can be to get out!

We are busy too, with jobs, family, a home to manage, bills to pay, and all of the other things that take priority. It can be months before we have the chance to REALLY get out the way we like...slip off to the mountains with heavy packs, big smiles, and  a brand new adventure to get underway!

Finding enough information on places to confidently take the kids along is challenging too. Guide books don't always cover the concerns we parents have about wildlife, safety, essential amenities, and of course, the FUN things about a new place!

That's exactly why we started It's More Fun Outdoors!

Here, while you will find blog posts about our more epic outdoor adventures, you will also find quick, easy, safe ideas for getting yourself and/or your family out for more fresh air.

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One of our goals is to compile a few quick, extra special tips and links to help you get out more! New recipes you can cook on a (home or camp) campfire, activities to keep the kids engaged in outdoor exploration, tips to make your adventures go more smoothly, things to do when conditions keep you from getting out, and anything else we find that we think you might like!
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